We are a gaming community built by friends that enjoy competitive gaming as well as just having fun. We are looking for social individuals that know how to act in a mature and professional manner (18+). Feel free to join us on Discord any time as a guest.

Who is Mostly Harmless?

“MH is a competitive multi-gaming community. We recruit highly motivated players who either have the skills to compete at high levels or are willing to learn them. Members contribute what they can when they can - we do realize that real life gets in the way of our ‘sport’ at times, but we’re looking for fairly dedicated team members who put effort into their gaming; however, nothing is mandatory. If we can’t motivate you to come out, then we aren’t doing our job running a fun team-oriented guild - we’re more about the carrot than the stick. We view our membership as irreplaceable and treat them as such because we recruit, train and work with some of the very best, most mature and fun people around.”


- Rook

  • Mature Not for Profit Nothing Mandatory; 

  • More about the Carrot than the Stick 

  • Competitive PVP Focus but enjoy PvX 

  • Train for Success 

  • Critical Thinkers

Game Chapters

Official Game Chapters usually have at least 1 event per week and 1 or more ‘training’ sessions per month. Unofficial Game Chapters are simply places to hang out socially with MH and our in game Allies. We are a mid-sized guild - not a huge zerg guild, nor a tiny elitist guild. We’re established and big enough to pull off some incredible projects and achievements, yet small enough to feel like a home. We have a very flat leadership structure where anyone can step up, because most of us were former guild leaders and officers.


Friends & Allies

mh recruits

“Mostly Harmless exists to make our play more skilful and fun.”

  • Mature 

  • Polite 

  • Positive attitude 

  • Trainable 

  • Team Oriented 

  • Patient

  • Discord Etiquette (comms clear when called)

  • No cheating, hacking, exploiting.

  • “Gold Standard” Meet the ‘Gold Standard’ in one or more games (e.g., Gold+ rank in HotS) 

  • Play Guild Games 5+ hours a week (often 14+) 

  • Get to know Guild in Discord (several hours per week) 

  • Discord Etiquette (comms clear when called) 

  • Respond well to constructive criticism (e.g., “Careful about pulling forward of the group - try to stay in formation or you’ll overextend and get picked off.” or “Text comments are often misunderstood, please get in a channel and work that out with that person as you’re both creating a bit of drama there…”) 

  • Participate - Show up to a guild event once per week. 

  • Reciprocity - Help guild mates and they’ll be more likely to help you. 

  • No cheating, hacking, exploiting. 

  • Report all bugs & possible exploits immediately. 

  • No drama please. This is not a dating site.

  • Avoid gossip. 

  • No harassing, trolling, griefing and tone down language to be fit for streaming and sponsors (can swear, etc. but keep it ‘Adult’, not rated ‘Restricted’)

  • Generally speaking you will get one warning for any minor offence and then kicked after a second, but we’re here to play games not babysit, so if you think the ‘N’ word should be yelled at enemies in game, expect us to find you and hunt you down on the battlefield.

Need to talk to us? Join us on discord.


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